Emerald Coast Indoor Shooting & Sport offers a wide variety of classes, everything from beginners, the Florida Concealed Weapons Permit class, all the way to advanced and specialty training.

Booked Classes/Private Instruction are non-refundable with out a minimum of 48 hours notice. With 48 hour notice, one reschedule is allowed.

Below are some of the classes we offer, all taught by a NRA certified instructor:

  • Youth Training Camp – Pistol
    • July 11th-July 15th from 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
    • 13 years old +
    • $150
    • The class consists of the full NRA (National Rifle Association) curriculum.
  • Youth Training Camp – Rifle
    • July 18th-July 22nd from 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
    • 13 years old +
    • $150
    • The class consists of the full NRA (National Rifle Association) curriculum.
  • Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class 
    • ($109 per person includes classroom instruction, classroom materials, range time, ammo, eye/ear protection, and target) Firearm rental, if needed, is NOT included but is available for $10 per firearm.
  • Introduction To Pistol
    • This class is for all new shooters, and those who may be somewhat familiar with handguns, but have not received formal training. Students will be taught how to safely handle firearms, the correct grip, stance, and fundamentals of marksmanship. Students will receive both classroom and live fire instruction with the goal of confidence and comfort in handling a pistol or revolver. This class is the foundation for all of our more advanced classes. This class teaches the beginning shooter the skills necessary to own and operate a handgun safely.
  • Holster Draw
    • The Holster Draw Class introduces, instructs, and provides the shooter practice with the proper mechanics of drawing the pistol from a holster both open carry and concealment. Learn to draw your firearm, engage the threat, and return it to the holster safely and efficiently. Successful completion of the class will certify the shooters to draw and fire at our range.
  • Advanced Pistol Skills
    • This class teaches the gun handling skills that were not covered in your concealed carry class The Florida Concealed Weapons and Firearms License Class covered the basic safety and legal information that every license holder should know. This class is designed for the shooter who has their shooting foundation established in our other Basic classes and have made the decision to carry on a daily basis. This class covers instruction on the actual mechanics of carrying and employing a concealed firearm. This class is the next step in self-protection, beyond the basics and introduces you to the skills and techniques necessary to safely present a concealed handgun. This is not a beginner’s course.
  • Red Dot Sight (Pistol)
    • Due to their numerous advantages over traditional iron sights, Miniaturized Red Dot Sights (MRDS or RDS) are becoming increasingly common, and more law enforcement, security personnel, and armed citizens are mounting them on their pistols every day.This RDS Class introduces the shooter to the latest handgun optics technology and the fundamental skills to employ it efficiently and effectively. The RDS Class is taught by a Certified RDS Instructor, and it will familiarize the student with the technology, concepts, principles, and effective tactical employment of modern pistol optics.This is not a beginner class.  Students should already have intermediate to above average proficiency with a handgun before enrolling.
  • Introduction to AR Platform
    • This class is for anyone looking to become more familiar with the AR Platform. This class will cover history, selection, disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, function checks and fundamentals. 40 rounds of ammo required.  
  • Handgun Cleaning Seminar
  • Emerald Coast Indoor Shooting & Sport Holster Certification   (This allows customers to draw from the holster on the range.)
    • Holster Certification Prices: Military/First Responder: $15.00, Non-Member (Regular Walk In) $20.00, Members $10.00
  • Private Instruction is available at any time for $50.00 Per Hour/Per Student