Introduction to Pistol

Class Length: 3 hours
This beginners class is for all new shooters, and those who may be somewhat familiar with handguns, but have not received formal training. Students will be taught how to safely handle firearms, the correct grip, stance, and fundamentals of marksmanship. Students will receive both classroom and live fire instruction with the goal of confidence and comfort in handling a handgun or revolver. This class is the foundation for all of our more advanced classes. This class teaches the beginning shooter the skills necessary to own and operate a handgun safely.

Topics covered include:

  • Safe operation and handling of a handgun
  • Loading and unloading
  • Ammunition knowledge, selection and function
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Introduction to care and cleaning

What you should bring:
Your handgun, ear, and eye protection. 1 box (50 rounds) of ammunition. Comfortable clothing suitable for range use. Open toed shoes or low-cut clothing are not acceptable for training. A baseball cap is highly recommended (to prevent ejected brass from falling on face and neck). If you do not own a handgun or safety equipment; we have rentals available for an additional charge (you must purchase our ammunition when renting our firearm). Please contact the range for ammunition availability.

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