Holster Draw

Class Length: 2 Hours
The Holster Draw Class introduces, instructs, and provides the shooter practice with the proper mechanics of drawing the handgun from a holster both open carry and concealment. Learn to draw your firearm, engage the threat, and return it to the holster safely and efficiently. Successful completion of the class will certify the shooters to draw and fire at our range.

Topics covered include:

  • Safety when drawing and holstering
  • Holster, gun belt, gear selection and placement
  • Accessing the weapon from open carry
  • Accessing the weapon from concealment
  • Mechanics of the draw
  • Dry and live-fire drills from the holster

What you should bring:
Your handgun, a quality holster, quality gun belt, hearing, and eye protection, 50 rounds of ammunition. Vest, jacket, or long shirt to conceal firearm. Comfortable clothing suitable for range use. Open toed shoes or low-cut clothing are not acceptable for training. A baseball cap is highly recommended (to prevent ejected brass from falling on face and neck). Leather or collapsible holsters are not appropriate for this training. Please contact the range for ammunition availability.

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