Frequently Asked Questions


What do new shooters need to bring?

     New Shooters need to bring a Drivers License, wear proper attire, Hearing and Eye Protection (If you have your own), a cased and unloaded firearm, (if you have your own) and the staff at Emerald Coast Indoor Shooting & Sport will take care of the rest!

Can I bring my own ammunition?

   You most certainly can! However we do not allow steel core rounds, penetrating rounds, or hand reloads. Shotguns must only use slugs.

Am I allowed to shoot reloaded or re-manufactured ammunition at the range?

Due to current regulations set forth by our Insurance Company, hand reloads or factory re-manufactured ammunition of any kind is not allowed to be fired at our facility. 

Can I shoot black powder firearms in your facility?

   Unfortunately not, our Range Ventilation System will not handle the smoke created from a Black Powder Firearm. 


Do you buy and sell used firearms?

   We can buy used firearms if we believe that the purchase would be beneficial to the range. This decision is up to our Sales Management Team. We can also buy NFA/Class III Items from individuals or other FFL/SOT holders. We do sell used firearms on our Consignment Program!

Can I test a firearm before I purchase it?

   Yes! Here at the range we offer a Test Drive program. This allows you to try out a firearm before you purchase it. However the firearm you are looking at purchasing must be on our Range Rental Counter.

What is a benefit with buying a firearm from the range compared to other Dealers?

   Our biggest firearm purchasing perk is that you receive Three Hours of Free Range Time with every new firearm purchase! We also let you Test Drive a firearm before you buy it!


After I take your Concealed Weapons License Class, how long should I anticipate the license processing will take?

   The turnaround time for processing a Concealed Weapon License Application is approximately 50 to 55 days. The Florida Department of Agriculture’s standard policy is to process pending applications in the order in which they arrive in their mail room. This process is expedited for Active Duty Military Personnel.

What type of training is offered?

   At the range we offer all NRA Courses that we can perform indoors. We also offer Florida Concealed Weapons License Classes, One on One Private Instruction Lessons with certified NRA Instructors, a New Shooters Clinic, a Handgun Cleaning Seminar, and more!