Advanced Pistol Skills

Class Length: 4 hours
This intermediate level class teaches the gun handling skills that were not covered in your concealed carry class The Florida Concealed Weapons and Firearms License Class covered the basic safety and legal information that every license holder should know. This class is designed for the shooter who has their shooting foundation established in our other Basic classes and have made the decision to carry on a daily basis. This class covers instruction on the actual mechanics of carrying and employing a concealed firearm. This class is the next step in self-protection, beyond the basics and introduces you to the skills and techniques necessary to safely present a concealed handgun. This is not a beginner’s course.

Topics covered include:

  • Proper gear placement for comfort and efficiency
  • Mechanics of the draw
  • Drawing and holstering the firearm from concealment
  • Speed reloads, both tactical and emergency
  • Immediate actions for clearing malfunctions
  • Protecting yourself after a violent encounter
  • Live Fire and evaluation
  • Emerald Coast Indoor Shooting & Sport Holster Draw Certification. (Allows you to draw from a holster on the range)

Note: This is not a permit class. This class is meant for students that already possess a Florida CWFL. 

What you should bring:
Your handgun, at least two magazines, magazine pouch, a quality holster, quality gun belt, hearing, and eye protection, 200 rounds of ammunition. Vest, jacket, or long shirt to conceal firearm. Comfortable clothing suitable for range use. Open toed shoes or low-cut clothing are not acceptable for training. A baseball cap is highly recommended (to prevent ejected brass from falling on face and neck). Leather or collapsible holsters are not appropriate for this training. Please contact the range for ammunition availability.

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