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Four Brothers Holsters

Concealed Carry is one of the most talked-about topics in the firearms industry. Concealing a
firearm might be frightening for new concealed carry license holders. Some license holders
might have the fear of accidentally showing their weapon, being uncomfortable while carrying,
and the retention of their concealed carry holster. Luckily for you, at Emerald Coast Indoor
Shooting & Sport, we carry a wide variety of Four Brothers holsters! Four Brothers Inc. has taken
all the fears, wants, and needs of the concealed carry market and put all of it into their new kydex

Four Brothers Inc. is based out of Logansport, Indiana and founded by Jason Pine. In 2015 Jason
wanted a 3-gun competition rig for a newly purchased firearm. After shopping around, he found
that the gear he wanted was extremely difficult to acquire. Jason could not find anyone to make
what he wanted, so he decided he would try it himself. Jason was so successful with his rig, that
other shooters wanted it! Now he serves his customers with the very idea that started it all. Four
Brothers’ mission is to serve their customers to create a product or provide a service they want,
to specifications, in a manner that will keep everyone who comes in to contact with their
products safe and satisfied.

You might ask yourself, “What qualities do I want in a holster?” The answer might be different
for each person depending on how you carry your firearm. If you’re wanting to conceal your
firearm, you want to look for something comfortable, easy to wear, has good retention, and a
holster that won’t show the printing of the firearm under your clothing. With Four Brothers, they
have a line of Inside the Waistband holsters (IWB). These IWB holsters can vary in size, color,
attachment, and a concealment wing. The concealment wing helps with reducing the printing of
your firearm under your clothing. Attachments for your holster can be a 1.5” belt FOMI clip, soft
loops, or an ulticlip. Mostly all their IWB holsters have adjustable retention because everyone is
different. Four Brothers also allows you to upload a custom image for your holster!

Not only does Four Brothers have IWB holsters, but they offer a wide selection of Outside the
Waistband (OWB), Competition, Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB), Magazine Carriers,
Handcuff Carriers, and more accessories. They offer custom holsters, designs, attachments, and
can even make holsters for the firearms that you might struggle to find a holster for.

Emerald Coast Indoor Shooting & Sport is proud to be partnered with Four Brothers Inc. and
will continue to bring their quality products to our customers. At the range, we carry a wide
variety of their holster line up. If there is a firearm you are struggling to find a holster for, or if
you’re not thrilled about other holster manufacturers, we can help by ordering you a custom Four
Brothers holster. To find more information on this amazing brand, visit them online at
fourbrothersinc.com. If you would like to order a holster, visit theshootersrange.com or come see
us at the range!

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